Hugo Mulder (’72) aka DHM is an artist and graphic designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He started doing graffiti in '84 - graphic design in '90 - and back to the streets with painting, stickers and past-ups in '01.

His canvas paintings are often a combination of typography, abstract painting and perfect lines. This combination comes from his creative background in graffiti, graphic design, streetart and growing up in a familie of art lovers and collecters.

Hugo's work has often been published nationally as well as internationally in books, magazines and online. His work has been exhibited in several solo- and groupshows in a.o. London, Paris, Lyon, Angers, Berlin, Brussels, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag. In 2006 he had his first museum show in the group exhibition "Dutch Masters" in Gemeente Museum Den Haag (GEM), which he also co curated.

>> Check zijn website: KLIK!