Sjoco Sjon

Amsterdam born and raised all round visual artist SjocoSjon finished the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2005. Since his graduation he likes to research the elements of the visual language of modern popular culture. The shamelessness, the violence, the marketing schemes and the visual shocks that are broadcasted to society through the TV screen and the Internet on a daily basis form a great part of the inspiration for his work. This all came together in 2010 when SjocoSjon organized and curated The Great Jerry Springer Rodeo in the Mediamatic Art Centre in Amsterdam. A tribute to the grotesque king of popular culture, Jerry Springer. An interactive and violent Art Carnaval that Amsterdam had never seen before. Visitors could shoot at art and smash chairs to pieces. The exposition featured interactive installations by artists like Morcky Troubles, Wayne Horse, Leyp, Ottograph and SjocoSjon himself amongst others. 

Long before SjocoSjon his work was on display in galleries he already had is own Amsterdam tv show in 2003 called "De Intimidatie Cursus" which aired on local tv station RTV-NH. SjocoSjon showed his viewers in real life situations the Amsterdam style of intimidating people in the streets of the Dutch capital. Unfortunately already after 4 episodes the show got cancelled because of it's provocative nature.
More recently, SjocoSjon also started researching the visual elements that are being used for the glorification of religions, militias, political parties and popular figures – past and present. This resulted, among other things, in the creation his “Mokum Suicide Squad series” and "St. Wheelybrord: Happy In The Name Of God". This work has been commissioned by the Centraal Museum Utrecht, especially for the exposition "Recht Voor Zijn Raap" in 2010.
In 2011 SjocoSjon paid a tribute to the city of Rio de Janeiro with his “A Gloria do Rio” show in the Homegrown Gallery in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. A show that received lots of positive critics in the Brazilian media.
SjocoSjon his artwork has been on display on the walls and galleries of cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Rio de Janeiro, St Petersburg, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam

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