Wayne Horse

Willehad Eilers / WayneHorse (Germany, 1981) lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the royal academy of arts in Amsterdam. He has shown at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Venice biennial, HLP project space in Brussels and Gallerie Gabriel Rolt. Being introduced to art as a teenager through skateboarding and graffiti, from the beginning a big part of his work was based outdoors.

 From graffiti and skateboard videos to murals, short film and public interventions (like the broken window series, creating the illusion of smashed in windows by taping them up with cellular tape). Horse experiments with different ways of exploring and storytelling. A sense of adventure is a key element to his work. Movie-scenarios are written during the editing process, random acts set the rules for projects, and become a base that is referred to for any further decision.

There is no one true interpretation. All different ideas together will create the true core. the points where they collide gradually become truth.

Horse works with everyday elements and objects everybody knows and understands, such as erotic magazines, dairy products, popular culture etc.

This way people will take those elements and mix the way they are shown in the work with their own associations and new stories arise.

A work is deemed a good work when it refuses to settle down and keeps on providing new possibilities, ideas and challenges.

The work turns into a travel and everything encountered on the way falls into place. The result is nothing but a moment in which to step back and look at what has happened, a good work moves on and creates new challenges.

Check de website hier: KLIK